Where does the Bison name come from?

The Bison name originally belonged to Bison AS of Norway. Because Bison AS were first into the market and developed the concept of reusable, returnable metal IBC containers, these were generically known as “Bisons”. Although others followed, Bison remained the benchmark for quality and durability. Many early Bison IBCs are still in use today. Bison IBC Limited is the only UK business that retains an interest in Bison AS, as part owners in the Bison AS business.

Does Bison test and maintain IBCs?

Bison IBC Ltd maintains a stock of spares for all the IBCs we supply, and we can repair and refurbish pretty much any IBC you care to throw at us. Any IBC that we look after is issued with a log book, that follows the tank through its life and records all work done and proves that testing is up to date. Bison IBC Ltd can test (to UN standard) either here or on a customers site, giving you complete assurance that your IBC containers are going to give you the service you need.